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Our solutions are designed to help you understand various health conditions associated with chronic respiratory disease and aid medical practitioners with easier ways of providing treatments.


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Our Solutions

Polypro H2

The Polypro H2 is a Portable Sleep Diagnostic System

A Level lll sleep monitoring device with overall respiratory channels compliant with AASM guidelines. Provides more accurate diagnosis of sleep related respiratory disease with overall respiratory channels.

PolyWatch Sleep Screener

Portable Sleep Diagnostic System and Sleep Screener

Ease of use- Wrist-wear design with smart connections provide you friendly usability in the comfort of your home.

Maximum convenience.

Powerful Hardware & Software

Humanized operation interface

Cross-platform data compatibility. High sampling & storage rate,
Intelligent App displays.

Remote cloud-based PSG online analysis.

Diversified & illustrated analysis report

Smart & Reliable

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” BMC is firmly committed to partnering with families worldwide to overcome the discomfort of chronic respiratory disease with quality products and professional services, keenly seeking to become the first choice in respiratory care.“

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” The BM Cares App reads i Code and generate analytical reports over 1, 7, 30, 90, 182 and 365 days as to present therapy effectiveness directly.See it. Read it. Share it.

It’s a brand new way for data transfer.. “

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